the calabash is a water and wine carafe. the form is inspired by the african calabash which is a significant part of my yorùbá culture. making it out of glass integrates it into the modern world and preserves the culture surrounding it. the hollow wooden base is designed to capture a playful gesture often used when poring, it also provides a dedicated resting space 
glass blown in collaboration with the california college of the arts advance glass blowing team, lead by lancelot scott fraser
Process Video

"a symbol for eternity… where all thirst is quenched. the african calabash is used when there is a gathering or coming together of people, where ideas are shared and stories are told. it can be used when serving … and is always placed at the center
it is therefore a symbol of closeness and sharing 
it holds the community together 
it is a symbol of fertility and growth 
it is a symbol of laughter, dance, happiness and the essence from which life flows"
- yvonne kgame
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