sharing culture through objects (WIP)
how might we develop a better system for meaningful interaction with cultural objects? when it comes to objects especially cultural objects context matters. it's not just how an object looks or the definition that defines it, it's the interaction a user has with the object, how it's used, where it's used, when it's used and how it fits into daily life. its context like this that brings meaning to cultural objects​​​​​​​
DOODAD is an exploration of a decentralized museum, where people interact with a collection of cultural object through curated interactions
DOODAD KIT contains a collection of objects and a list of prompts needed to guide users on how to interact with the objects. we hope that DOODAD can provide a similar value to what people get out of travel & museums - the opportunity to discover, learn and experience new things



DOODAD Prototype​​​​​​
we are working with local businesses to create DOODAD KITS that can be picked up and dropped off on site
eventually, we look to develop a platform where people alongside machine-learning can work together to develop DOODAD experiences
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